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Program : Community Based Rehabilitation

Our trained field co-ordinators visits community provide therapy, create awareness, and train on pressure sore management to PwSCI. Spinal Cord Injured needs a lot of follow up, so by understanding the situation for every 2-3 months/Based on need follow up those who are already rehabilitated to ensure they are active and involving them self in income generating activities. We are also much focused on identifying the People with spinal cord injury explain them the need for rehabilitation, get rehabilitated them and help them to get government due benefits.

Our Approach:

  • Identify PwSCI help to improve their quality of life
  • Assist PwSCI to register with government agencies and secure them due benefits
  • Conduct Medical Camp to create Awareness
  • Home visits for follow up and guidelines.
  • Provide mobility accessories to lead a better and self-reliant life( Wheelchair, Caliper, Ramp, Toilet facility etc)
  • Counselling and capacity building of PwSCI.

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Seva Bharathi Kanyady extends its unconditional support to adults with intellectual disabilities, in terms of skill-based development models and opportunities. It seeks to equip them with all the necessary knowledge and tools, in developing their skills and getting open wage employment or engage them with meaningful livelihood opportunities.

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Identification of PwSCI

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Bedsore Management

Residential Medical Camps


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success stories

Avil Barbosa

Avil Barbosa, who lives in Bantwala is a coolie known for tree climbing. He used to dehusk arecanut and was doing other agriculture work to meet the financial requirements of the family. He fell down from 30 feet height while climbing an areca tree. After the accident he was unable to do his day-to-day work independently. He underwent a surgery and was in bed rest for one and half year. After being rehabilitated for 3 months in Sevadhama now he is able to walk independently, without anyone’s assistance. He says he got good training and attained skill to handle the wheelchair. Now he is confident and dehusks arecanut as before and earns around Rs. 600-700/day by arecanut dehusking. He is thankful to Sevadhama rehabilitation centre for makig his life better.


Dhananjaya from Sullia works in timber yard and was quite happy with his life as he was able to meet his family expenses until he became a victim of spinal cord injury. One fate full day while he was working a huge timber hit his back. He had under gone surgery. Though his pain got reduced there was no improvement within himself and was completely dependent on his family for his daily activity. This made him disturbed and he wanted to do some of his work independently. At the same time he got to know about the Sevadhama rehabilitation centre. He joined Sevadhama and undergone 3 months of rehabilitation where he learnt to transfer himself to wheelchair, perform his daily activity. He got motivated there by seeing other spinal cord injured people doing their work without depending on anyone. Now he would walk using walker, transfer himself and manage his daily activity. He dehusks arecanut and looks after the agriculture work.

P Madhava Gowda

P Madhava Gowda from Sullia is a daily wage worker. One awful day when he was cutting tree, a branch hit him and his spinal cord got injured. After the accident though he had undergone surgery, he was unable to do his daily routine without a caretaker. He says after the rehabilitation at Sevadhama Southadka for 3 months now he is able to do 70% of his daily work by himself without depending on anyone.
He looks after the agriculture work now and is planning to establish a petty shop near his home. He is thankful to Sevadhama rehabilitation centre for providing him the good quality therapy, training on wheelchair skills. He says that he was motivated by Shri K Vinayaka Rao, founder of Sevabharathi by seeing him doing all the works and running the NGO effectively.

Harish Prasad

Harish Prasad was working as a manager in Narayanaguru sabhabhavana, Malpe. One day he climbed on a cement sheet to check whether the syntax tank was full. Unfortunately, the cement sheet got broken and he fell down from a height of 10 feet due to which his spinal cord got injured. He underwent surgery in KMC hospital, Manipal. After he came to know about the Sevadhama rehabilitation centre he joined the centre and was there for 3 months for rehabilitation.
At Sevadhama he learnt balance skills, transfer skills, medical intervention support. And also, he got good therapy service. Soon after coming from rehabilitation centre he continues his work as a manager and does all the clerical work to meet his daily needs. He is very thankful to Sevadhama rehabilitation centre for making him to live a good life.



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