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Focus Area : Spinal Cord Injured Rehabilitation

Karnataka has a total population of 6.11 cores of which 1,324,205 is persons with disabilities as per the data of census 2011 by Government of India. The government claims that 10 in 10,000 people in India suffer from spinal cord injury (SCI). The situation is worse than projected.

Every person with spinal cord injury deals with impairment of communication to and from brain, Lack of sensation below the injury, loss of bladder control, Impairment of sexual ability and Bedsore. Spinal cord injury is an irreversible injury person affected with injury will suffer for life long and become bedridden and dependent on his family members. Loss of income, medical bills, rehabilitation, and the costs of daily care leave many spinal cord injury survivors in dire financial straits.

People with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) need more support than other PwDs. They need wheelchair, Calipers, Home Accessibility along with all those mobility & accessories they need intensive therapy, counselling, motivation, training on life skill, Wheelchair Skill, livelihood and relationships. Many PwSCI become suicidal. Worse situation is that bedridden leads to pressure sore.

Furthermore, SCI is not covered by insurance because it is a long-term disability. Support and visibility from the government are also limited.


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