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Collaborate: Selco Foundation

The Policy Group within the Foundation is one of the teams charged with plugging the gaps in the ecosystem from a policy perspective based on inputs from the Foundation’s R&D Labs, practitioners and stakeholders in the sector. This includes facilitating the creation of more practitioner–friendly, field-driven policies that make better integration and implementation of decentralized sustainable energy solutions possible.

Project Outline:

SELCO Foundation has been working over the last 2 years to facilitate the Exemption of VAT on Renewable energy devices and spare parts in Karnataka state. In addition to increasing the system cost for low income households, this taxation is contradictory to the intentions of the government which also provides subsidies. On 13th March, 2015, the Chief Minister of Karnataka announced the exemption of VAT on Solar panels and solar invertors as part of the year’s State Budget. Moving forward, the team will work on ensuring a similar exemption for all RE devices when the new GST regime comes into place (in FY 2016- 17) Feb 2013 Jan 2

Project Outline:

SELCO Foundation is one of the founding members of the Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) and currently serves on the Advisory Group of the Network.

• CLEAN is an all India representative organisation for decentralized clean energy entrepreneurs and related stakeholders.

• Technology, scale and business model agnostic, and includes both electricity and non-electricity energy usage.

• Delivers five core sets of services,: information and networking; technology development and innovation, skills and training, opportunities for policy advocacy and increased access to finance.


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