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Focus Area : Women Empowerment

Rural India is the actual soul of the country where a maximum of its population resides yet it is also the most neglected and ignored by the Government. The major victims of the issues that are present in the rural India are the women. Rural Indian Women are facing a lot of problems. No access to education, Gender Discrimination, Child Marriage, Lack of proper sanitation, Domestic violence & Dowry.

Women reinvest 90% of their income into the family, compared to 30 to 40% by men. This means women spend more on their children—food, shelter, and education—which creates long-term social and economic gains for their communities. This makes them an integral part of ending the cycle of poverty. In fact, if women had the same access to productive resources as men, they could increase yields on their farm by 20 to 30%.

Empowering women to achieve their full potential is one of the most powerful ways to fight poverty. They are disproportionately affected by poverty, violence, and discrimination. In most cases, women must also balance the bulk of household and childcare responsibilities with efforts to improve their skills and earn independent incomes.


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Project “Saabalini” is to support rural women and empower them by providing free tailoring camp to make them self-reliance. Also health checkup camps, health awareness programmers, honoring women who contributed to the society are organized to motivate & bring confidence with them.


  • Empower women with tools to work their way out of poverty, care for their families, and strengthen their communities.
  • Forming groups of women hailing from low economic and social profile
  • Encouraging sharing of knowledge and income generating activities
  • Organising free tailoring training camps at villages of Belthangady taluk
  • Honoring women achievers
  • Organising mass varamahalakshmi pooja at community level

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Seva Bharathi Kanyady extends its unconditional support to adults with intellectual disabilities, in terms of skill-based development models and opportunities. It seeks to equip them with all the necessary knowledge and tools, in developing their skills and getting open wage employment or engage them with meaningful livelihood opportunities.

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Social Impact

Tailoring Camps for Rural Women

success stories

Rashmi Keshav

Rashmi Keshav is a rural background woman from the village Dandole near Dharmasthala who is a wife of an electrician. The couple have three children studying in SSLC, 1st PUC and 2nd PUC. The family had to go through lots of hurdles to meet their financial requirement though Rashmi was helping her husband by beedi wrapping. They were not able to meet their daily expenses of the family and expenses for the education of children. Rashmi came to know about Sevabharathi from a friend of her. She says their life has changed in a good way after she attended free tailoring camp by Sevabharathi under the program Shri Durga Matru Mandali in 2015. She is very happy and acknowledged that she got a good quality training on tailoring from sevabharathi. She got skills and confidence and now she is a self-employed woman and earns 5000-6000 per week which makes her convenient to run her family. She is grateful to Sevabharathi and also, she is helping other people who are in need by training them for free of cost.


I am really proud to be associated with SBK as a volunteer. Participating in volunteering activities to serve the citizens in improving their health gives immense satisfaction to me.

SBK's service in academics is highly appreciated and is a wonderful initiative. Making students gain knowledge through interactive sessions enables the students to learn in a better way.

SBK's goal of making individual citizens in society helps in their upliftment and the organization has the right vision and endeavour for that.
Thank You

- Rajesh Tovinakere

I was introduced to SBK through my friend T.V Sridhar and attended one of the events. I was quite impressed by what they were doing in the area of Health and Education for the underprivileged.

This moment made me realize that this is the best way to channelize my little contribution to the needy. I am glad and immensely satisfied to be associated with this organization as a minor donor and wish everyone associated with it, good health and spirit to continue this good work.

- K. R. Jagadish

I am overwhelmed by the activities taken by SBK in the fields of education and health, under the guidance of Mr. Sridhar, who has been meticulously driving these initiatives.

I was privileged to be a part of digital enablement for Govt. school kids’ tie-up with BYJU’s and overwhelmed by the facilities extended to rural kids. They have also helped many needy patients, who cannot pay their medical bills.

I wish that you grow and rise, and thankful to Mr. Kote for his vision in social responsibility.

- C. K. Ramesh



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